The College Hostel is a clean affordable accommodation.

Our single rooms give excellent value for Toronto visitors. Large spacious beds with cable television and phone, all in a clean, modern furnished room.

Families and travel partners appreciate our double room values. Choose two double beds at a surprisingly low rate. Remember, we include cable television and phone.


We offer:

  • Downtown Toronto
  • Located in Kensington Market
  • Free Internet
  • Near University of Toronto
  • Free Linen
  • Clean, comfortable rooms
  • Free indoor parking
  • Shared (dorm) and private rooms
  • Free room phones
  • Lounge with TV and Games
  • Free cable TV in rooms
  • Fully equipped kitchen with lockers
  • No curfew
  • Seconds from public transportation
  • Pop and snack machine
  • Sushi Bar on site

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