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Guests are looking for a place to stay!    
Can they find your accommodation on the map?    

Google Local Search - motels in kimberley, bc

Quokka Systems can Help!    

Google has provided a new Opportunity for accommodations. People who utilize this feature early, have a competitive advantage. Right now, it's a free service from Google, but the search engine giant has already started to charge businesses in some select US cities to display beside the map. Get your accommodation business listed while it is still FREE!!

To learn more about this opportunity provided by Google, we have prepared a few short videos (less than 5 minutes) to explain what Google is up to.

Google Local Search Videos

Google's Local Search Opportunity - This video explains the various results Google delivers when you enter a search.

New Google Listing - In this video we will show you what information about your property is displayed on this new Google listing.

Sources of Information - Google has many sources of information, this video explains what information on the new listing that you can update and what Google adds automatically.

How to Create the BEST Listing - This video reviews several new listings on Google and points out the good and the bad.

Your Internet Reputation - Have you ever wondered what your internet reputation is? What are guests saying about your property online? Watch this video to learn more about internet reputation.

We all want our businesses listed on the first page of results in Google. The amount of money this is worth to a business is immeasurable. Having your property beside the map is a HUGE advantage. It is the first information that is shown to a person looking for a place to stay.

I hear what you are thinking - how can I add a new activity to my overloaded life? How can I keep these information sources straight? How do I write the best advertising text possible?

Hand over all the work to Quokka Systems!    

Your business needs exposure on the internet! Most potential guests (90%) prefer to use the Internet to research and investigate businesses. While less than half of these businesses have a web site. This is a huge disconnect that you can capitalize on now!

More and more people are using the internet to search for accommodations. They are even using their handheld devices (Blackberries and iPhones) to review properties and make the bookings directly over their phones. Google formats your new Google listing to display very attractively on these smaller screens.

Remember it is FREE now! But you can expect Google to cash in very soon. Get your business ahead of the curve in time for your next peak season.

Sign up today for our Quokka Boost service. We will create an outstanding Google listing for your accommodation - even better than the larger hotel chains have been able to create.

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