Articles by Robert Ford,
President Quokka Systems Consulting

Robert Ford has 60 or more published articles to his name, found mostly in ComputerWord Canada. In 2005 he was not renewed for the humour section of the publication. (What passes as humour in an information technology trade magazine can be kind of, er, quirky.)

Many of my articles are online at ComputerWorld Canada. Once you are at this link, type Robert Ford in the search box and click Go.

The first article in Robert's collection below is the article that didn't pass muster at ComputerWorld Canada. Read it and be the judge.

Robert will try to post to this articles page as often as possible, focusing on the information technology, tourism and travel industries.

Robert Ford's Industry Articles
Article Title Date Posted
What is a Bug Anyway? April 6, 2012
Test Your Assumptions February 20, 2012
Google Can't be Ignored November 25, 2011
Facebook Marketing Makes It Personal February 21, 2011
5 Essential Things to Know About the Internet January 17, 2011
Google Local Search Really Matters to Accommodations September 25, 2010
Data Security - 10 Ways to Protect you and your Customers April 21, 2008
Five Terms you Need to Know to be a (relative) Internet Genius November 19, 2007
There's two factors?? Please. Stop. October 10, 2007
I Really Don't Want to be Followed September 11, 2007
I Love and Hate Email February 6, 2007
Privacy, Openness, Security, Logic, Common Sense September 8, 2006
IT and Foreign Affairs June 26, 2006