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Reporting is a large issue and opportunity for online booking. There is a large amount of data available to businesses when they use the Quokka Online Booking System. Sadly there is often not sufficient time in the day to take advantage of the information.

To help with this, the Quokka Online Booking System has a large number of "canned" reports that help determine how well prospects who visit a site become customers.

This report tells you how far into the booking process a guest went before aborting. The success of online booking is measured by looking at how many unique visitors you bring to the site who actually book with you. Without online booking, you would be unable to determine this.

Example: System Usage Analysis >>

Numbers in the coloured bars above represent Customers who achieved the indicated point in the Booking process.

For this analysis, the Booking process has been broken into 5 main steps:

1. Dates - These inquires went no further than checking a date range, and no prices or rooms were evaluated.

2. Head Count - These inquiries went beyond providing a head Count to begin shown Room Classes and prices, but no selections were made.

3. Room Class - These inquiries indicate a Room Class selection but no Customer Profile.

4. Customer Info - These inquires indicate a completed customer Profile but no finalization of the Booking.

5. Completion - These Customers completed all aspects of the transaction.

Another popular report is the source of the bookings.

For a full demo of all the features, please contact one of our Account Managers.