Online Newsletters This page is the home of all our newsletters, with the first issue in November 2002. The objective is to keep clients and prospects informed as to the goings on at Quokka Systems.

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Newsletter Archives
March 2004 The B&B breakfest show, cowboy country, preparing for summer and more. Click here.
Februrary 2004 Privacy legislation, Whales, Relevance and Industry observations.
December 2003 & January 2004 How to be kid friendly!, Offer Exceptions, other sites and search engines, and the Contest Winner! Click here for more.
November 2003 Bamfield, trade show reviews and presentations. Search engines and currencies. Click here for more.
October 2003 Learn about staff changes at Quokka Systems, SPAM, and how to use electronic marketing data. Click here for more.
September 2003 More articles, new customer profile, security tips and a job posting. Click here for more.
July 2003 Vacation in Vancouver Contest! 2010 Winter Olympics! New feature article section. Click here for more.
June 2003 Marketing affiliates, tips and a preview of a new contest. Click here for more.
May 2003 In May we have changed newsletter look and finally announce our contest winner. Click here for more.
March 2003 Last chance for a contest! HarbourLynx and Toronto. Click here for more.
February 2003 February sees the second month of our winter promotion and contest. Click here for more details.
January 2003 We kick off 2003 with a contest promotion and a unique Reservation Request Form. Click here for more.
December 2002 In December's newsletter we talk about charity, the industry and promotion. Click here for more.
November 2002 Quokka Systems Inaugural E-Newsletter